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If you are looking for fantastic quality, then you have found the right website and service. What you are not getting is a rewritten essay, as that would look very bad if you handed it in. Some companies will work from a template, but this company does it all from scratch.

You can rest safe in the knowledge that this company is not going to try and pass off the work they did last year as the work they have freshly written. They have protocols to make sure that could never happen. They never reuse any material that they write, so to keep it out of the wrong hands they delete the written work from their servers and network as soon as you are happy with it.


You may find that the usability of this website and service is fantastic in all aspects. The website is very easy to understand, which is good because you need a lot of details from it before you actually go ahead and make your purchase. You will be happy to discover that it is free from complexity.

The website is very clear, and that is vitally important not only as a usability factor, but also for the fact that you need to be 100% of what you are buying before you do. A big part of a website’s usability is how quickly it loads. Nobody likes to be sitting around waiting for a website to load. Happily, this website loads rather quickly.


This company has some very good prices, and you are able to pick prices for varied deadlines between three hours and ten days. You pay less if you only require a passing grade for your paper because they charge less for lower grades. You may get away with paying less if the due date is longer, as that is part of the site principles.

You have to pay more for higher level papers, as it takes more writing skill on the part of the writer. The fewer pages each student requests, then the less each student has to pay, which is only fair as fewer pages means less work. On the site, you will discover a project quote tool, and index, that is not difficult to use, and it will help you uncover a quote for your written undertaking.

Discounts and Freebies

You may use a discount code to get 15% off of your first order. Just enter 911essay15 and retrieve your discount. Aside from the starter discount, you also receive a few freebies and a few discounts for ordering more and more pages. With this company you get free formatting, free amendments, a free title page, a free outline and a free bibliography.

Many people are pleased to learn that if they order between one and fifty one pages that they get a five percent discount. If the 10% discount is the one you want then buy 51-100 pages. If you go ahead and order 101+ pages then you will receive a 15% discount.

Support for customers

Their support system is very well built and maintained and very effective at answering your questions. The team has a phone line that you can call during business hours in order to get a response. They also have a live chat function which allows you to talk to someone online.

They have an online communication function which you can use if you want to be contacted via email, and/or if you have a less urgent message. Their support network is really exceptional, but before contacting it you should read through the text on their site. This is because it is full of information that is going to answer most of your questions in advance.

Additional Features

Every writer on staff has a degree, but many of them have more than just the one. Many of them have higher qualifications and extra qualifications on top of their degree. They do offer free samples, but they are only for you to look at.

They are seen by everybody, but if you buy from them then you get custom written content that only you and the writer sees. Still, the downloadable samples are good for seeing how well their writers produce content, as it shows you the quality of their work.

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