Case Study Writing: The Mistakes Students Make

Things to Do When Writing an E-commerce Case Study

When writing a case study, first, you must investigate every aspect of your organization. To do this, you are required to use all the tools and methods available to you. Make sure you minimize the mistakes you make since they will affect later on. It would be best if you focused on finding a solution to the problem you are addressing. Make sure the background of the information you use is reliable. If not, the answers you are suggesting won't work.

We often make some common mistakes when writing a case study before writing your paper; it's always right to familiarize yourself with these mistakes. By comprehending these mistakes, you will have an easier time when composing your case study. These mistakes include:

Poor vocabulary

One of the critical things you need to consider when writing an e-commerce case study is your choice of vocabulary. This is a formal document you are composing, and it aims to solve serious problems affecting the company. It is always necessary to use the correct vocabulary. You must understand that different case studies have different terminologies that are used. You have to choose the proper wording and use them correctly in your paper.

Little knowledge on the topic

Without proper research on your topic or company, you won't compose a firs-rate case study. Research is of great importance. You should take some time and understand all the peculiarities that revolve around your organization. Make sure you have enough sources of information as possible. It would be best if you looked at:

  1. The historical data
  2. Financial data
  3. Forecasts
  4. Previous case studies are written

When you have acquired enough information on your topic, go ahead, and write your case study now.

Neglecting your Grammar

This is one of the main mistakes students make when writing case studies. Students tend to put more effort into the content and neglect the grammar. Students use inadequately constructed sentences, miss comas, and punctuation marks. Remember, a case study must be substantial. Lousy grammar will make your paper look bad. You can turn to online software such as Grammarly. They help solve this problem.

Using poor structure

Writing an e-commerce case study is to give possible solutions to the problems affecting a company. This means you have to understand what you are writing about. After understanding, you must now apply the correct structure. The elements of an exemplary design include:

  • The introduction
  • Abstract
  • Substitutions
  • Resolutions
  • Sanctions

Irrelevant content

An e-commerce case study should always apply to the problems a company is facing. It ought to give solutions to these problems. If the analysis is done is not relevant, then the whole case study in considered useless. A case study is a paper that is very challenging to write, even to the specialist. If you don't know what you are writing about, don't even bother starting. Students must have steady support from their tutors during the writing process. You could also consult the internet for more information. You could also visit the school library and read several case studies that have been written before. They could be of much help to you.

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